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Citywide Mobility Plan - St. Augustine, FL

21st century solutions within a 16th century design.

Led a comprehensive citywide mobility planning effort for the oldest City in the United States, which is currently home to nearly 15,000 residents and services as a destination for more than six million visitors annually. This multi-year effort has included multiple phases:

• A Framework Plan, which established a qualitative framework for the effort and included facilitation of a 16-member Mobility Advisory Task Force. The final plan included five sections addressing Street Network, Land Use/Urban Design, Parking, Transportation Demand Management and a Capital Improvements Program.

• Quantitative Analyses, including a parking study, a citywide bicycle and pedestrian safety review, and a transportation network analysis that featured an Origin-Destination Study utilizing Bluetooth data.

• Complete King Street Master Plan: an integrated transportation and land use planning effort for the King Street Corridor that served as the precursor to the City’s acquisition of the road from FDOT and an $18 million complete street project.

Completion Date: 2022

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