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Land Development Code Update - Manatee County, FL

An award-winning plan for a fast-growing County.

Provided a comprehensive update of the County’s Land Development Code through a three-phase process. The first phase consisted of reorganizing the code to ensure ease of use, eliminating repetitive language, eliminating internal inconsistencies, and incorporating regulations related to practices that have been in place but never codified. The second phase included an assessment of the major commercial corridors within the urban core area and developing code amendments to improve opportunities for quality development and allow the County to realize its vision of a revitalized urban area. The third phase included amendments to allow clustering and mixed-use developments by right, to encourage affordable housing, to clarify the role and purpose of the various coastal planning areas, and to improve the development review process. This project received the 2017 Outstanding Long-Range Study/Plan Award from the Florida Planning and Zoning Association (FPZA).

Completion Date: 2016
Award Winner: 2017 Outstanding Long Range Study/Plan from Florida Planning and Zoning Association (FPZA)

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