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Community Redevelopment Plan Update - Pinellas Park, FL

City and County cooperation leads to a timeframe extension.

Completed a comprehensive rewrite and update to the City ‘s Community Redevelopment Plan and extended the CRA’s operational timeframe within this Charter County. Facilitated extensive community outreach programs that included an interactive project website, “pop-up” engagement at community events, and public workshops. The plan incentivized private sector investment around the area, consolidated facilities, promoted a more walkable community, and enhanced the community’s amenities. The Plan also included the identification of Capital Improvement programs throughout the CRA, business support programming, affordable and workforce housing programming, Tax Increment Fund projections, a proposed five-year CRA Budget, and an implementation schedule. The creation of a new City Center was identified as the top priority of this planning effort. The Inspire team completed a City Center Plan for the City in 2021.

Completion Date: 2019

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